About Us


Three Awesome Camps!



In our summer camp in Old Greenwich, Kids learn to draw and paint. They will learn about the color wheel, mix colors, make a collage, work with clay, and more. Each week is different. Add Lego or Karate camp for longer day. 


Karate Camp

 Karate Camp is held in Old Greenwich Karate gym, a safe,  air conditioned environment. For the active child who wants to learn Karate in a fun and exciting way. Add Afternoon art or Lego for longer day.  


Lego Camp

  •  Come Build With Us. Kids relax and build Lego with help as needed.
    Instructors encourage creativity and imagination. Lego build more than just
    buildings,  they build minds and friendships too. Each week is different, Add Karate or Art for longer day.